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Best WordPress theme for Blogs and Business :

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Though there are a lot of options to explore in wordpress themes, but according to me ASTRA is the most beautiful, fast and completely free wordpress theme. This theme is responsive as well. You will get it fit in different platforms. Either it be your desktop/laptop or your mobile phone.

As the theme is fully customizable, we can also create a custom WordPress page according to our requirement. And the good thing is that Astra includes modern homepage layout with multiple widgets and we can simply use widgets with drag and drop options. It contains dozens of pre-made templates that we can use free of cost. All in all the theme is very easy to setup and to start with.

Page Editor:

For making customized pages , go for Elementor Page editor.

Plugin Support:

Astra provide full plugins support for modifying our website. Also it has flexible options to customize various functionalities.

How to get more traffic on website:

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Just remember, Content and also good content is the key to get more Traffic.

1) Start writing Articles first:

The best Article directories for more traffic are:   

 hubpages     squidoo     ezinearticles
What are Article Directories? : Some sites have high page rank, but most importantly Google LOVES them. Its favorite article directories are :, goarticles and articlesbase.

The beauty of these sites is that other people can copy and paste your article on their site, creating another backlink. You can get hundreds of backlinks from one article. But the down side is that you have to write more original content.
Squidoo and Hubpages both are the websites that provide users with one webpage to write about any topic. This is pretty useful since, just like the social bookmarking sites, these sites are indexed regularly and rank pretty high on Google. A good strategy is to submit articles that include links back to your website, to these sites as pages. Submit articles with enough quality and people will link back to your squidoo and hubpages sites. Our new content should be uploaded every week for good ranking.

2) Do Backlinking of your website :

Backlinks are very important. Generally there are 3 types of backlinks that websites provide us. These are 1. Free Backlinks 2.Reciprocal Backlinks and Paid Backlinks.

There are a lot of websites that provide free backlinking. For free backlinks, there is RedGage, Seokhazana etc.

3) Bookmarking and Networking :

The good bookmarking and networking sites are :       reddit       delicious       digg(good for seo).

4) Blog Writing :

For blogs, there are mainly:          Blogger           Wordpress              RSS Feeds should also be done.

5) Social Bookmarking :

For social bookmarking, other than facebook and twitter, also follow myspace and friendfeed. We can also link our all social media accounts to each other, so that one can post on all accounts from one place.

6) Link sharing forums :
 Forum from yaahoo is flicker

Do follow all these steps and enjoy traffic. Good Luck!